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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


*Note my pantrys are not always organized and I do not have a nice walk in pantry anymore and I think its the only thing I miss about my old house. I didnt start this so you could come shop at my house. Just pointing out why I only have to shop sells. This is not all just to give you idea of what I have . 1. beginners will not get as good of deals as I get bc you are still going to have to buy non sale items . internet coupons are wonderful to a begineer ) 2. bc your pantry is probably bare and you probably were like me in the beginning and only went to the grocery store when you were out of everything. Another thing also Im a stay at home so I will more than likely be able to get more deals than a working mom ( I have played both roles ) I know when you are a working mom You just want to go to 1 store and be done for the week Ive done that role. I pick 2 days to shop on a normally week. ( MWF all my kids are in school till 12) so guess when I do my shopping. Monday - drug store day Wed- grocery store day . This week was a little different with the drug stores bc they had good sells I hit cvs and walgreens on sunday. riteaid and cvs on monday and rite aid again on wed. Publix and kroger on wed... Happy Shopping and Deal Hunting

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