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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Publix 3/31/11

So I dragged 2 3 yr olds out with me to publix and picked a few things that were not on my list. icecream, goldfish, water and dr pepper .

Total spent 50.16
Total saved 65.60

So not the beat but still got some good deals
Smart Balance Milk .50cents
free reusable bag
free scotties tissues
5 friskie cat treats all free
3 cat chow food 1.50 each
1 box of corn pops 1.25

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All about Dynamic Views for Readers - Blogger Help

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cooking from sales....

Chicken mozzarella ~8.64 is an estimate prob much less fed 4 of us would
Chicken Breast $5
Garlic (came in a veg box I got 1.00 )
tomatoes( free)
onions and peppers (.25 cl
ose to free these were frozen)
cheese( i used 1/2 pack so I would say .50)
bread crumbs( .35free or close to not sure )
egg wash ( eggs part of a carton that was 1.50 I used 2 so (.25)
flour ( just 1 cup so lets say .50
seasoning just a tad of whatever so .50
olive oil just a tad out of a bottle 3.00 so .25

1. First dip chicken in seasoned flour then egg wash then breadcrumbs.
2. Cook Chicken on top of stove in a bit of olive oil/veg oil which ever you prefer

3. set chicken aside and cook whatever vegs you w
ant in olive oil or
butter. (tomatoes,garlic,onions, pepper) is what I used

4. Place Chicken on cookie
sheet or baking dish.

Place vegs on top I drained the veggies so my chicken wouldnt be soggy. then add cheese I used mozzerolla and cheddar (was going use parmassan but was out)

Bake until Cheese is melted

coupon organization

Binder Who uses it and do you like it ? Thinking of switiching from the file system to a binder again and see if I like it better.. hmmm not sure yet. I remember it being alot of work.. What is your system and do you like it.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rite Aid 3/27/11

I did my transaction in 1 transaction today. this was a very confusing tranasction for me bc the finish was %50 off and I had to make sure i had 15.00 in products and the revlon was %40 off and I had to make sure I had $10 off before coupons....
buy 15 get 5
Air wick Air freshner 4.99
-4.00 coupon
finish power ball 3.24
-.75 coupon
2 finish powder 2.49
- 2. 50 coupon
finish liquid 2.39
-1.00 riteaid coupon
revelon top speed nail enaml 3.59
-2.00 coupon
revlon toe nail 1.91
-2.00 coupon-
revelon eye lash curler 2.19
-2.00 coupon
revlon lip 4.49
-1.00 coupon
revelon emery board. 75
gum i bought 4 just bc lol so I paid an extra 1.29
-1.00 coupn
-.25 coupon

-11 ups from last week
I paid 5.10
and got back 9 ups
plus 2.00 in rebates

so I made 5.90
and saved 57.04

2.00 rebates
9 ups

Cvs 3/27/11

Im so surprised Cvs Had everything in stock I went for ignore the mess in the background.

First off I messed up somehow and paid more out of pocket then I planed but dont feel like figureing it out right now.

1st trans:
skintimate 3.49
-.55 coupon
c&c body wash 2.99
c&c body wash 2.99
-2.99 b1g1 coupon
-2.00 coupon
rimmel 3.89
-2.00 coupon
rimmel 6.99
-2.00 coupon
-5.00 5 off 15
-3.00 ecbs
total 3.85
I saved 23.54

got back 2.50 ecbs 3.00 ecbs
so i made1.65

Trans #2 4 Axe 4.50 each
- 2 b1g1

bandaid 4.79
neosporin 5.49
-2 coupon
- 5.00 , 3.00 , 2.50 ecbs
total 8.76
saved 26.66
and got back 10 ecbs
so made 1.24

*Will have to figuore out what I did wrong bc I thought I would have paid less out of pocket. I may have done the transactions backwards but I dont feel like doing the math to figure it out :P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Final for last week

Riteaid 11.03,2.89
Kroger 50.28
Publix .86
Cvs 10.47,3.33
Target 9.03,4.03,2.50
Walgreens .70,2.22

Total 94.25

I stayed under my budget this week .. my goal is 100 everyone will have different goals I am feeding a family of 5-6 and still have one in pullups at nite.

Friday Final

Publix 22.50
Target 8.74
Food lion 68
Rite Aid 7.21,5.25,12.39
Cvs 2.25,9.33

Total =135.67

So went over by 35 for my weekly goal of 100... That is all my groceries and household supplies though and you can read through my posts and see what I saved this week... stay tuned for next week and lets see if I can go down.

Target and Publix

Publix best deal s .49 kibbles and bit :)

Total spent 22.50 (5.00 was produce)

saved 42.52

Tide stain
12 meow mix cat food
ad ointment

spent 8.74 saved 12.35

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Lion Deals 3/23/11

Tidy Cat litter on sale b1g1 6.00
used 2 1.00 coupons(printable)
got both for 4.00

Glade Trash bags 6.49 x2
-2 1.00 coupons printable
-3 instant for spending 12
=7.48 =3.99 each pretty good hard to find good trash bag deals

I spent 68 and saved 104 just noted what I consider the 2 best deals

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rite Aid trip two

air wick on sale 50% 4.99
-4 coupon
-1 store coupon

veet 6.49
-3.00 coupon
-3.00 store
=.49 +1ups

buy 30 gillette get 10
1 razor 9.99
1 cartidge 16.49
1 shave cream
=20.97 +10ups
used $3 off $15
and 15ups
total out of pocket 7.21
+ got back 11 ups
and a 3 dollar off coupon
so made 7.00

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rite Aid 3/20/11

*pretend you see the nightguard in the pic bc I left it at the store and have to go pick it back up*
I didnt get much at Riteaid this week I may look at their ad and see if I need to go back..

1st Transaction
3 spray wash 1.99 each
3 .75 cents off
=3.72 +3 ups

Airwick FreshMatic Start up
on sale 50% off
-4.00 coupon

Veet Hair Removal
-3.00 store coupon
-3.00 coupoon
-3.00 ups
-1.00 eubs
Total paid 5.25
saved 26.65
and got back 4ups

Trans #2
dr night gurard 19.99
-5.00 coupon
-4 ups
paid 12.39
get back 15 ups
saved 22
so paid 17.39 and saved 48.65
and have 15 ups for next week

Cvs 3/20/11

I didnt seperate them out into transactions on the picture but gives you an idea of how many items I got :)

1st Transaction

Allerga 6.99
-2.00 coupon
= 4.99 +6.99 ecbs

so made 2.99

Lysol Hand free 12.99
-3.00 coupon
=9.99 +6.00

AJC double paper
used 9.99 ecb, 5 ecb and 2 ecb
Total = 2.25
I saved: 21.99

Trans #2
12.00 Suave products get back $3
15.00 household products get back $5

I paid 9.33 total and got bac 8.00
I saved 47.35

total trip I paid out of pocket: 11.58 and saved 69.34
and have 8 ecbs for next week

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Started with Cvs 3/20/2011

Ok so you just started couponing and lets say you dont have a stock pile of coupons yet. How do you cvs. It easy.. pick 1 item that gives ecbs an example next week :

Allegra Allergy 5ct you will pay 6.99 go there and print the 2.00 off coupon
you pay 4.99 and will get 6.99 ecbs for next week .

more drug store blogs

I always use southernsavers to do my print out list just bc her format is so easy to check off and print a list... but I love the fact that iheart has the ads 2wks in advance so I can look and see if I need to save a coupon for a better deal. ~ I dont use her but she has lots of good info for new coupon users.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rite Aid 3/16/11

*This was a last minute trip I planned last nite after I realized I was out of grocery bags so I looked around to see where the best deal was. The best I could find was at riteaid.. Not a spectualor deal but hey have to have trash bags.

*If you live in Newnan today is the day to go. The truck came this am they were stocking shelves while I was there.

*Note: you can stack store and manf coupons <- if you go to the link register you can watch videos and print out riteaid store coupons it changes monthly
buy 10.00 get 3 ups back
1 glad trash bags 38 count 6.99
-1.00 coupon
1 tilex shower cleaner
1 tilex cleaner
-1.00 coupon
8.99+tax -3.00 ups =5.99 (break up how you want not to bad for something I will need and use)

Purex Crystal Beads
-2.00 manf coupon
-1.00 store coupon
+1 ups
so free after ups

I paid 11.03 total got back 4 ups
so 7.03 for all of the bad not to bad for an unplanned shopping trip

Kroger 3/14/11

Kroger was my big shopping trip out of the week.. I will only shop kroger if they are having a mega deal normally ( buy 10 items save 5.00 instantly normally) the bad thing about the mega deal is you have to make sure you have 10,20, 30 so on if you have 19 you will not get that extra 5.00 off.
It was a big shopping trip I will touch on the things I think were a real good deal . Total spent 50.28 total saved 54.89

Eggs=free coupon
hellva dip 2 equal free with deal and coupons, Chicken packages ranged from 2.18-2.80 and had a 1.50 off coupon if you bought cream cheese ( so I paid like .70-1.25 each for them )
2 packes of pasta = free .49 after deal each I had a 1.00 off coupon
old spice deodrant and body wash both for 1.99

Publix 3/16/11

I hit 3 stores today and will start with the easiest one. I cannot find my publix reciept so I cant tell you how much I saved. 4 butters 2 frozen veggies total .86 cents


*Note my pantrys are not always organized and I do not have a nice walk in pantry anymore and I think its the only thing I miss about my old house. I didnt start this so you could come shop at my house. Just pointing out why I only have to shop sells. This is not all just to give you idea of what I have . 1. beginners will not get as good of deals as I get bc you are still going to have to buy non sale items . internet coupons are wonderful to a begineer ) 2. bc your pantry is probably bare and you probably were like me in the beginning and only went to the grocery store when you were out of everything. Another thing also Im a stay at home so I will more than likely be able to get more deals than a working mom ( I have played both roles ) I know when you are a working mom You just want to go to 1 store and be done for the week Ive done that role. I pick 2 days to shop on a normally week. ( MWF all my kids are in school till 12) so guess when I do my shopping. Monday - drug store day Wed- grocery store day . This week was a little different with the drug stores bc they had good sells I hit cvs and walgreens on sunday. riteaid and cvs on monday and rite aid again on wed. Publix and kroger on wed... Happy Shopping and Deal Hunting

Monday, March 14, 2011


I told you I would be going back to CVS this week:)
*Heads up no way I would have paid 5.49 and 4.49 for boxes of bandaids and neosporin but I wanted the 5.00 ecbs for paying 10 they had cheaper boxes but I needed to spend 10 and I only had 1 coupon.

It was a very small trip
2 Aussie 3 min conditioner 2/5.97
-1.00 coupon
-1.00 coupn
+ 2 ecs
so like getting them for 1.00 each

Neosporin 5.49
Bandaids 4.49
=9.98 I was .02 off 10 but most of the time they will let u do it and ecb will print
-1.50 coupon
8.48 - 5ecbs so like 3.48 ( not to bad after u look at it like that 1.74 each )
I also bought a 20 oz coke my exuse was I had a 25% off coupon that was for non sale items (but I think it took off for my sale items bc I took offf -1.82 and my coke was 1.79 ( I know hight but it is cvs and it did become free :)
I did use 3 ecb too

total was 10.47 ( im not breaking it down anymore I already confused my self hahah )
and I got back in total 7 ecbs
so if u want to break it down that way 3.47
and I saved 11.33 not including my ecbs i have for next week

so next week I have my 9.99 ecbs I got from the pads yesterday plus the 7 ecbs I got from today
for a small trip I made this complicated but it was just bc I added the coke :) but it was free :)

Target 3/14/11

This week Target had a fun week for me bc I am a candle lover and will buy candles even without coupons. Ok let me tell u first I asked my sweet target supervisor if I could do this some of you may not be as lucky This week at Target sale is buy 5 glade products on sale for 2.50 get a 5.00 gift card. This offer is suppose to be 1 per custumer per visit. I asked her if I could do 2 seperate transactions and she let me. :) I will be doing this deal 1 more time this week also like I said I like my candles and this deal is basically buy 3 get 2 free :)
coupons can be found

Trans #1
1 glade candle holder
4 candle refills
-1.00 coupon
-1.50 coupon
1.50 coupon
=9.03 + 5.00 giftcard
so 4.03 for 5 glade products

Trans #2
1 glade candle holder
2 glade candles
2 air sprays
- 5.00 gift card from trans #1
I paid 4.03 and got back a 5.00 gift card

so techincally I paid 10 for 10 glade products which equals 1.00 a product :)
or bought 6 and got 4 for free however makes u feel better at looking at it

so trans #3 will look like this

buy 5 for 12.50
-2.00 on 2 products
-2.00 on 2 products
-1.00 on 1 aersoal

-5.00 gift card 2.50 = tax

and I should get another 5.00 gift card
so I made 2.50 by doing this again ( and I should be stocked up on candles and spray for a couple of months or at least till another sale goes on unless I go overboard)

Rite Aid 3/14/11

First off today I did a big no no and used all my register bucks(ups) to pay lower cost out of pocket so Next week I will have to start from square one.. I always tell others to try and save some bucks for next week but I didnt do this and you will see in my final out of pocket. So do it however you want but remember if u use all your bucks one week you will not have them the following week as will be my case next week.

Trans #1

Floss 1.00x2
-1.00 coupon printablex2 =free
Therma Care 6.99
-3.00 printable coupon from their site
-1.00 store coupon in ad
=2.99 +3 ups = +.01
chloraspetic 3.99
-1.00 coupon
=2.99 +3 ups =+.01
used 5 ups from last week
Total 2.89 and got back 6 ups

So I paid 2.89 and saved with sales and cupons 16.00

Trans #2
6 renuzit adjustables .88 x6 5.28
-b3g3 coupon 2.64 = 2.64
2 finish quantumatic kits 10.99 on sale b1g1
-3.00 coupon x2
-1.o0 rite aid coupon
-6 ups
so I paid 1.77 for 30.89

Total 4.66 for 46.37 so I saved 90%

Sunday, March 13, 2011

CVS 3/13/11

I will be going back to CVS later on in the week I just wanted to go in and get the pads that were on sale before they sold out.

Tena Pads on sale 9.99 get back 9.99 ecbs = free
I had a 2.50 off coupon 7.49 before tax ( so I made 2.50 by buying)

2 gain on sale for .97=1.94
-1.94 coupons ( I had 2 -100 coupons but guess cvs doesnt like u make money off coupons) so = free

I used -5 ecbs from last week

paid 3.33 and got back 9.99 so cvs paid me 6.66 for shopiing this week so far and I still have 4 ecbs left from last week.

Walgreens 3/13/11

First off if you live in Newnan I would recoomend waiting till the truck comes in on Wednesday or just making your list for rainchecks.. I remember why I dislike the Walgreen's in Newnan everytime I go in there Im going to my gmas today in Mcdonough so I may che2ck out the Mcdonough Walgreens tonite if I have time

So I got 2 rightguard body washes ( i wanted 6 but I got the last 2 on the shelf and they didnt have any in the back
3.99 on sale b1g1
-3.99 b1g1 coupon= free
2 right guard deodrants 4.49 ( would not have gotten these if they had body washes) b1g1
-3.99 b1g1 coupon (but staes on there not to go over 3.99) didnt realize that till after I paid
total after sales coupons and tax
.70 cents
sitll a good deal but not as good of deal as I wanted and of course the other items I went in there for they were out of :)


Trans #2 no pics too tired 2 right guard body wash 3.99
used b1g1 coupon = free
clairsol face ance treatment 2.99
-2.00 coupon .99 + get back 2.00 off coupon

dial hand soap .99
paid 2.22

Note : Mcdonough Walgreens is very more custumer friendly nice staff sales were labeled so no questions asked after talking to the manager there I came home and emailed cooperate about the store in Newnan .

Friday, March 11, 2011

Drug Store 101

Click links for tips on the particular store you are looking to learn from all links are from unless otherwise noted and this one of the best coupon blogs that I have found and u can even printout your own shopping list from her site, Just make sure you check your own Sunday add to make sure they match so u know what u are going to spend most sells are nationally but sometimes u ran into a region only sale :)

Rite Aid ~another great blog for beginners to read about cvsing

Out of the 3 drugstores Walgreens may be a bit confusing so I would try cvs and riteaid first to all newbies

Walgreens 3/11/11

First off I normally dont do Walgreens much but couldnt pass up on free kids fever medicine.
If I had the correct pedia care coupons my total would have been 4.71 but I grabbed 2 1.00 off instead so total = 6.71 got back 3.00 off coupon

I saved 29.22

Heres what I did. This week walgreens ad is spend 10 get 3 back
(Many different products look at ur ad sale ends tomorrow)
2 swifter wet jets on sale 3.74
used b1g1 coupon from pg 2/27
2 frebreeze set and refresh 2.50 each
used 2 1.00 off coupons
2 ped infant drops 5.99 each
-2 5.00 walgreen coupon (1 coupon is good for 3 items)
-2 1.00 man printout coupons ( equal free +.2 would have been =2.02 if i had grabbed right coupon)
1 ped care for kids 6.99
-5 walgreen coupn
-2 man printout coupon ( free +.01)

Coupon Organization

Everyone always askes me how I organize my coupons. This is going be a picture turtioal of how I organize my coupons.. This is only one of the many ways to organize coupons I know alot of people that love the binder method.. but with 4 kids the binder method doesnt work for me.

1.This is a small coupon organizer. This stays in my purse at all times. This is where I put the coupons that are fixing to expire soon so I can look for deals at the stores and for items I buy on a regular basis that I need whether they are on sale or not.

2.This is accordion type file folder this what I used when I started couponing until I outgrow it. Now I use it when Im prepareing for the weeks I can place each stores sales ad and printable shopping list in each divder and Im ready to go to the store. If I am doing multiple stores in one day this is what I take with me along with my mini coupon organizer. If im just going to 1 store I will just slip out my coupons and place them in the mini.

3. Now on to the file system. Its kinda of hard to tell in this picture so I will go step by step. Here you have the file box, with hanging folders (dated for date of inserts) and file folders seperated by RP,SS, PG inside the hanging folders.

4. The files.

6. The first hanging file in my file system. I a folder with file folders labeled with store coupons, printable coupons, expired coupons ( to send to miltary) and resturant coupons.