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Sunday, March 13, 2011

CVS 3/13/11

I will be going back to CVS later on in the week I just wanted to go in and get the pads that were on sale before they sold out.

Tena Pads on sale 9.99 get back 9.99 ecbs = free
I had a 2.50 off coupon 7.49 before tax ( so I made 2.50 by buying)

2 gain on sale for .97=1.94
-1.94 coupons ( I had 2 -100 coupons but guess cvs doesnt like u make money off coupons) so = free

I used -5 ecbs from last week

paid 3.33 and got back 9.99 so cvs paid me 6.66 for shopiing this week so far and I still have 4 ecbs left from last week.

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