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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rite Aid 3/16/11

*This was a last minute trip I planned last nite after I realized I was out of grocery bags so I looked around to see where the best deal was. The best I could find was at riteaid.. Not a spectualor deal but hey have to have trash bags.

*If you live in Newnan today is the day to go. The truck came this am they were stocking shelves while I was there.

*Note: you can stack store and manf coupons <- if you go to the link register you can watch videos and print out riteaid store coupons it changes monthly
buy 10.00 get 3 ups back
1 glad trash bags 38 count 6.99
-1.00 coupon
1 tilex shower cleaner
1 tilex cleaner
-1.00 coupon
8.99+tax -3.00 ups =5.99 (break up how you want not to bad for something I will need and use)

Purex Crystal Beads
-2.00 manf coupon
-1.00 store coupon
+1 ups
so free after ups

I paid 11.03 total got back 4 ups
so 7.03 for all of the bad not to bad for an unplanned shopping trip

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