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Friday, March 11, 2011

Coupon Organization

Everyone always askes me how I organize my coupons. This is going be a picture turtioal of how I organize my coupons.. This is only one of the many ways to organize coupons I know alot of people that love the binder method.. but with 4 kids the binder method doesnt work for me.

1.This is a small coupon organizer. This stays in my purse at all times. This is where I put the coupons that are fixing to expire soon so I can look for deals at the stores and for items I buy on a regular basis that I need whether they are on sale or not.

2.This is accordion type file folder this what I used when I started couponing until I outgrow it. Now I use it when Im prepareing for the weeks I can place each stores sales ad and printable shopping list in each divder and Im ready to go to the store. If I am doing multiple stores in one day this is what I take with me along with my mini coupon organizer. If im just going to 1 store I will just slip out my coupons and place them in the mini.

3. Now on to the file system. Its kinda of hard to tell in this picture so I will go step by step. Here you have the file box, with hanging folders (dated for date of inserts) and file folders seperated by RP,SS, PG inside the hanging folders.

4. The files.

6. The first hanging file in my file system. I a folder with file folders labeled with store coupons, printable coupons, expired coupons ( to send to miltary) and resturant coupons.

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