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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cooking from sales....

Chicken mozzarella ~8.64 is an estimate prob much less fed 4 of us would
Chicken Breast $5
Garlic (came in a veg box I got 1.00 )
tomatoes( free)
onions and peppers (.25 cl
ose to free these were frozen)
cheese( i used 1/2 pack so I would say .50)
bread crumbs( .35free or close to not sure )
egg wash ( eggs part of a carton that was 1.50 I used 2 so (.25)
flour ( just 1 cup so lets say .50
seasoning just a tad of whatever so .50
olive oil just a tad out of a bottle 3.00 so .25

1. First dip chicken in seasoned flour then egg wash then breadcrumbs.
2. Cook Chicken on top of stove in a bit of olive oil/veg oil which ever you prefer

3. set chicken aside and cook whatever vegs you w
ant in olive oil or
butter. (tomatoes,garlic,onions, pepper) is what I used

4. Place Chicken on cookie
sheet or baking dish.

Place vegs on top I drained the veggies so my chicken wouldnt be soggy. then add cheese I used mozzerolla and cheddar (was going use parmassan but was out)

Bake until Cheese is melted

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