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Monday, March 14, 2011


I told you I would be going back to CVS this week:)
*Heads up no way I would have paid 5.49 and 4.49 for boxes of bandaids and neosporin but I wanted the 5.00 ecbs for paying 10 they had cheaper boxes but I needed to spend 10 and I only had 1 coupon.

It was a very small trip
2 Aussie 3 min conditioner 2/5.97
-1.00 coupon
-1.00 coupn
+ 2 ecs
so like getting them for 1.00 each

Neosporin 5.49
Bandaids 4.49
=9.98 I was .02 off 10 but most of the time they will let u do it and ecb will print
-1.50 coupon
8.48 - 5ecbs so like 3.48 ( not to bad after u look at it like that 1.74 each )
I also bought a 20 oz coke my exuse was I had a 25% off coupon that was for non sale items (but I think it took off for my sale items bc I took offf -1.82 and my coke was 1.79 ( I know hight but it is cvs and it did become free :)
I did use 3 ecb too

total was 10.47 ( im not breaking it down anymore I already confused my self hahah )
and I got back in total 7 ecbs
so if u want to break it down that way 3.47
and I saved 11.33 not including my ecbs i have for next week

so next week I have my 9.99 ecbs I got from the pads yesterday plus the 7 ecbs I got from today
for a small trip I made this complicated but it was just bc I added the coke :) but it was free :)

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