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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coupon Organization Part 2

beginner post

Why I would recommend keeping your inserts for beginners.  bc its less time consuming and you will not get burnt out.  ok so you have your coupons filed and wrote the dates on your inserts where do you go from here.

You will pick a blog to do coupon matchups and correct a shopping list.  I recommend
bc you can print your shopping list with coupon matchups from her site. and check for printable coupons remember you can print 2 coupons per coupon just hit your back button after your first one is printing.
Once you have your shopping list printed you will use your shopping list and go to your file and start cutting your coupons (the dates will be printed on your shopping list )

Now I have advanced to the binder method .. Why bc I was missing out on clearnace items and not having my coupons with me.  Is it more time consuming yes..  I was clipping every coupon.. but now Im only clipping what coupons I think I will use and saving the rest incase they go on sale for close to free and I can donate the items.

what u need for a binder : a good zipper binder
sheet protectors/baseball card holders
Label your divders into your catergories (depends on you)
My catergories are:
breakfast, lunch,dinner, snacks, sauces, baking, beverages,refrig , frozen, meds, pets, cleaning, landuary/kitchen, personal care, hair care
put in your sheet protectors and baseball cards ( I put coupons that I havent filed yet but have cut in the sheet protectors and the cateroiged items in the card holders.

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