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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cvs 5/1/11

Cvs trip today went pretty well they had everything I wanted except the softscrub so I got a raincheck for that I have learned to always get a raincheck if you can for sale items that have no ecbs bc evetually they will offer ecbs and if you got the rain check you can get the ecbs plus the raincheck so I will be watching for that before my coupons expire. Another great thing about rainchecks is they never expire at cvs. I recommed stapling your ad to the raincheck so no questions are asked.  Now on to my trip :)

2 right guard body washes @2.99 each
I used -b1g1 right guard product from RP 5.1.11
=2.99 +2.00 ecbs back

2 colgate toothpaste =2.77 each
-.75 coupon 5.1.11
-.75 coupon 5.1.11
=4.04 plus 5.54 ecbs

1 charmin 12 pack tp 4.99
=4.75 +1 ecbs

5 snacks for hubby .99 each ( the cvs lady got me they were runing a contest who can sell more lol)
-10 ecbs
-5 ecbs
I saved 29.98
and got back 8.54

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