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Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick CVS trip

So I had a great unplanned money making trip today. I was going in to get the melatonin. bc I was out I did a quick look and see that it was on sale for 5.49 and get back 2 ecbs and I had 1 off so I thought great price.

Well I got there put my card in the machine
and out pops out my 5 ecbs for beauty club
3 off any pain releiver expires 5/26
3 off 15 skin care 5/26
3 off 10 makeup wont use this one it expires tomorrow

so I decided to grab me a coke so I could use my 5ecb in this trip
so I paid 1.30 for a bottle of melatonin and a 20 oz coke
and got back 2 ecbs
and a coupon for 5 off 15

so now I have 7 ecbs from earlier 2 ecbs from today and all these fun coupons to play with next week  I plan on trying to use the 3 off 15 skin care on sunscreen deal next week 

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