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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Target 7.24.11

So couponing has taught me what to spend money on and binders are one of them I had a coupon for a mead binder but those all looked to be cheaply made so I spent the extra $4.00 and went witht he caseit... I love my caseit coupon binder.  So figured it would be a wise choice for my 6th grader that has to have a zip up binder this year.
binder 16.31
2 mech pencils@1.19 (should have paid .40 but didnt realize my target coupon had expired)
-1.00 printable bic
=.70 each
sharpie permanent makers 1.49
-1.00 target coupon
=.49 each
total =19.52

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