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Saturday, April 16, 2011

 Food Lion Trip this week.  I was going skip FL this week till i got the 3 off 6 produce coupon :)

before coupons and sales : 130.16
I paid : 47.36
I saved: 82.80

best deals I got this week:
2 yougerts 1.00 each  (1.00 is my buy price I have found these free but 1.00 is good to me)
capris suns on sale 2.00 I have a -2.00 so got 3 for 4.00
cream of mushroom/chicken .60 (I have gotten these cheaper but .75 is my buy price if I need it)
porklion and cubed beef (marked down I always try to buy marked down meat or on sale meat

 Gortons Fish Stick Deal
2 fish fillets 5.99 each
-2.00 coupons
free steamfresh vegs, frenchfries,cobbler and cool wipe
saved 11.97 (I wouldnt have bought the fish sticks if they werent on this deal but they make a quick dinner when hubby is working out of town :)

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